• School materials given to needy children
    • Students with newly donated school uniforms
    • Madame Aline Juillerat giving a speech
    • Children with donated provision


On 23rd January 2016, the NGO “AID FOR NEEDY CHILDREN FOUNDATION” distributed the school uniforms and cookies to the orphans and needy children, and the gathering was held at GLASGOW ACADEMY at 10 a.m in Accra, Ghana.

There were parents, children, the donors and the staff of ANCF. 


ACADEMIC YEAR 2014 – 2015

We thank Madam Aline Juillerat and her friends who organised “CANNES FESTIVAL” for fundraising in aid of the support of orphans and needy children of Aid for Needy Children Foundation.



With the money collected, we are able to pay three terms school fees of 100 children and their school uniforms and learning materials.
Apart from this, there are some donors who sponsor some orphans and needy children who are very needy in different schools.
We also thank BIC Company in Ghana that gave us during the occasion 6,000 pens which we have distributed to the children. Each of them has three pens (blue, black and red).

Apart from the school fees, there are other fees such as I.C.T fees, P.T.A fees and sports fees.
We can’t pay all, but we are just paying what is the most necessary for their Education.




We are projecting to organise a festival for the children of the Foundation during these year’s Christmas time, to entertain them and socialise with their friends.
We are planning to open own school where our children will have free education and feel at ease. We also plan to have a computer training Centre where these children can benefit from I.C.T. For they do only theories but there is not an opportunity for them to do practical.
We thank in advance individuals and companies that would contribute to that the success of the Association.  










Message of the President

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Before starting, let me define "Needy children" to you according to my understanding.
Needy children are children who are orphans of fathers, mother or both, children coming from poor parents without employement and these are abandoned on the streets.
Why needy children ? This idea came to me during my early years of teaching, and as I feel pity for people, I said to myself why not create an association in order to help these needy children wiping away their hot tears by providing for their urgent needs by sponsoring their education.
I have based on generosity to invent these reasons to give.

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The Association has a vision to help needy children and orphans by paying their school fees and providing for their school uniforms and learning materials.


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