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Before starting, let me define "Needy children" to you according to my understanding.
Needy children are children who are orphans of fathers, mother or both, children coming from poor parents without employement and these are abandoned on the streets.
Why needy children ? This idea came to me during my early years of teaching, and as I feel pity for people, I said to myself why not create an association in order to help these needy children wiping away their hot tears by providing for their urgent needs by sponsoring their education.
I have based on generosity to invent these reasons to give.
In the near future, these children will be grown up people and if they are not educated, they will be able to be the sources of all dangers in the environments where they will be. If we we sponsors and finance these children, they will be useful to the entire world and to their countries of origin in particular.
Let us help them for many of them are very intelligent and will be helpful to our society.
That is the reason why I wish to have partnerships that will be lasting and sure so that we lead them to the destination, and not to abandon them in the middle of the ocean meanwhile they don't know how to swim well. "The most happiest people are not those who have more but those who give more" said Jackson Brown Jr.
My vision is very great :  having orphanages in all countries will reduce the number of needy children and also have technical and artisanal schools where they will be able to learn the career of their choise.
Nevertheless, there are many associations of our type but we have proved our sense of responsability without reproaches with our donors.
Praise Aid for Needy Children Foundation.
Praise our doners
Praise the humanitarian association
Let our world collapse suddenly.
My ardent thanks you to Mad. Beatrice Dufour, to her husband, her daughter who were the first donors of the association.
An infinite thank you to Madams : Therese, Aline, Pascaline, Ellen as well as their husbands to all the initiators, actors of "Oscar Night" in Accra December 2013.
Thank you all. Without you, my association would not have reached this level.
"What you keep for yourself, you give will be yours forever" Axel Munthe.
Thank you !!! 





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The Association has a vision to help needy children and orphans by paying their school fees and providing for their school uniforms and learning materials.


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Arimiyao Yussif 
PO Box AL 167 Alajo Accra GHANA 
T: + 00 233 2 78 66 08 88

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