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Being a realistic and analytical person, his aim was to become a pilot and he started the procedures in early 1990s but God, knowing how he would help children, he changed everything and no one could understand why. He then started teaching and developed love for children. Seeing how many children suffer and some orphans that come to school empty-handed and hungry, he thought of creating an Association which would take care of these ones.
He then created the NGO of the name ‘’Aid for Needy Children Foundation ( ANCF) which was registered in July 2008.
This Association has been helping many orphans and needy children in Accra.
Mr. Yussif has been using his ressources for the progress of this Association, and he is hoping to get sponsors, volunteers as well as individuals that can collaborate with them and help these needy and homeless children. 


He was in Drama club, acting during festivals. He has been teaching French languages for many years. 
He is a civil servant working at Ghana Education service as  a French teacher teaching at Junior High School. He is the Chairman of Greater Accra French teachers Association, with the aim to give continued training to both trained and non trained French teachers.
He is a French examiner at WAEC. He has done a lot for the Association (ANCF) in terms of account record keeping.
Phone : +233(0)546802871
Accra – GHANA


Secretary General
He is of a great help to the Association in terms of registration at various ministries and contacting individuals. He is a writer translator, script writer, traditional practitioner. He is a local Sabbah School Translator  at South Ghana Conference of seventh day Adventist church. Above all, he is a language teacher (English, French, Ewe), training students for English for international opportunity (TOEFL, IELTS, SAT,GRE)
French for international opportunity (DELF, DALF) As a married man, he is free with children.
Phone :  +233(0)207439375
Accra – GHANA.


Assistant secretary
He has served in tobacco defence organistion for several years and has also held the position of Headmaster.
He is currently a civil servant, working with Natural disaster Management organization (NADMO)
Phone: +233(0)244439652
Accra – GHANA


Assitant treasurer
She is a very dynamic and cheerful woman. She has worked with Libanese for more than seven years. She is a specialist in the cooking of Libanese foods and continental foods. As a married woman, she has great love for children.
Phone : +233(0)242322732,
Accra – GHANA


Because of counselling, many children enjoy spending their times with Mr. Abubakar
As he has taught for many years a school in Kasoa, Central Region in Ghana has taken his as a Headmaster. He has been of great help to both the foundation and many schools where he resides. He is a man of action.




Ibrahim Mohamed enjoys spending times with children. He has taught for several years and because of his dedication in teaching, many parents want him to do private classes with their children in their various houses. He is specialised in the teaching of French language. He Has been training junior high school students in the writing of French papers.


About Us

The Association has a vision to help needy children and orphans by paying their school fees and providing for their school uniforms and learning materials.


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Arimiyao Yussif 
PO Box AL 167 Alajo Accra GHANA 
T: + 00 233 2 78 66 08 88

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This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




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