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The history of aid for needy childrenn foundation
The association Aid for needy children foundation (A.N.C.F) is a non-gorvenmental, non-partisan,
non-relegious, non-ethnic, non-discriminatory and non-profit making organization, formed in august 2006 by ARIMIYAO YUSSIF
with the purpose to take care od the needy children and orphans, by paying their school fees and providing them with school
uniforms and learning materials. Some mounths later somr people joined the association and we were twelve in number. We sat down
and wrote our constituion and interior regulations. We registered the association at registrar generals in 2008.
We passed through perilous times and severe hardships because we were all teachers and the salary we got was not sufficient for us 
to take care for ourselves and at same time to help more children. We started with 13 children of our various schools buying school
uniforms and leaning materials of those needy children.
Due to the hardships and as we were not getting help from anywhere, some people deserted the association and now we are seven.
Our targeted areas are Nima, Mamobi, Kokotabi, New town, Alajo and Pig Farm which are among the deprived or under previlege communities in Accra.
These communities at some instance regarded as urban slum due to their nature and the standard of living of its inhabitants.
Each member pays monthly dues and also pays at least the school fees of one student.
Years 2012 when people of good will started helping the association.
The total students that we have been helping are 277 but this years we have helped 50 students with learning materials for the term and 10 children
whom the people of good will have paid school fees for this term, the rest are in critical situation, meanwhile our goal for this years is to help 
100 students for 10 differents schools.
In the past years we were helping the children up to primary 6 in order to give them basic education. We have noticed that they were not able to pursue 
their education. Now we are planning to keep a number of children and help then at secondary and tertiary levels.
We assure you that we will make good use of the help you give to us.
No gift is too small.
Thank you all for your support.

About Us

The Association has a vision to help needy children and orphans by paying their school fees and providing for their school uniforms and learning materials.


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Arimiyao Yussif 
PO Box AL 167 Alajo Accra GHANA 
T: + 00 233 2 78 66 08 88

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This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




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